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Julie Janzen

Secondary sites and District-wide Google Support

Ed Tech Specialties: Raspberry Pi, Scratch, 3D Printing, Online Student Portfolios, Google Sites

Email: Twitter: @Julie_Janzen

Noah King

Sites: Arroyo Seco, Croce, Marylin Avenue, Sunset

Ed Tech Specialties: Photoshop/Google Drawings, Breakout EDU, Coding, Google Apps


Kristina Pinto

Sites: Altamont Creek, Junction, Rancho

Ed Tech Specialties: G Suite, Grant Writing, Online Student Portfolios, Green Screen


Michelle Seugling

Sites: Joe Michell, Jackson, Lawrence, Smith

Ed Tech Specialties: Green Screen, Online Student Portfolios, Breakout EDU, G Suite


UNITE (Utilizing New and Innovative Technologies in Education) was formed in 2015 funded by the voter-approved Measure G Parcel Tax.

We work to empower teachers in building capacity in integrating technology into curriculum - make links between what is being learned (content), how it is taught (pedagogy), and the appropriate tools (technology).


Provide and support staff with the necessary technology resources and capability to best prepare all students with the skills needed to contribute and thrive in a changing world.


  • We will seamlessly employ technology to continue transforming our classrooms to:
    • become student-centric
    • increase rigor, engagement, and efficiency
    • promote the use of 21st century skills
    • foster independent thinking and lifelong learning

Overarching Goals:

  • Develop 21st century lessons that integrate ISTE Standards
  • Transform focus of the classroom from teacher-centric to student-centric
  • Use “SAMR” to move teachers from:

substitution, augmentation → modification, redefinition, when appropriate